The ring size of BERING rings is determined using the circumference of the inner ring. To find out the right ring size for you, you only need a thread or a piece of paper. Wrap the thread or the paper around the part of the finger where you would like to wear the ring, and then measure its length. The length measured in millimetres will be the inner circumference of the ring.

Please note the following special feature when ordering a combination of outer and inner rings: for the inner ring to fit onto the outer ring, the inner ring must be selected correspondingly larger.

The corresponding sizes to form a combination ring can be found in the following table:




The Twist & Change system makes it possible to exchange ring elements in three simple stages:

The following combination options are possible:

Broad outer ring + one broad inner ring:

Broad outer ring + two slim inner rings:

Slim outer ring + one slim inner ring:   

If you wish to wear the inner rings individually, please select the BERING ring size using the table.

Useful notes:

  • The fit of a ring should never be too loose or too tight, to avoid limiting the pleasant feeling of wearing it. If you are uncertain, we recommend selecting the larger size.
  • Fingers can change slightly depending on the time of year and the time of day, and with age. For example, fingers are a little broader in the evening, and when they are warm, than in the morning, and when they are cold.