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When purchasing a BERING watch you will obtain a guarantee from BERING Time which is valid for 36 months from the purchase date in accordance with the conditions of the guarantee. In order to utilise the guarantee, you must present a guarantee certificate, filled out completely and correctly by an authorised BERING dealer.

The guarantee is not valid for the normal wear and tear of your BERING watch, and will not come into force in the case of improper treatment. Improper treatment includes water damage, accidental damage (such as bumps and breakages) and damage which arises as a result of default of the operating instructions. The guarantee is also invalid when clock maintenance, repairs or strap changes are carried out by a third party, who is not authorised by BERING. The following watch parts are excluded from the guarantee service: battery, glass, crowns, every type of wrist band and bracelet, and every type of decoration and jewellery.

For defects which are covered by the guarantee it is at the discretion of BERING Time, whether or not to carry out a repair or whether to provide an identical replacement or a watch with similar features. The BERING service center and authorised BERING dealers are also allowed to charge fees for postage and packaging and also necessary insurance. When claiming the guarantee, please contact an authorised BERING dealer or the BERING service center.


BERING Time guarantees your BERING jewellery for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with the terms of the guarantee. In order to claim under the guarantee, an invoice must be available or a guarantee certificate from an authorised BERING dealer must be presented, completed in full and correctly. 

The guarantee does not apply in the event of improper use, third-party repair, negligent handling, wear and tear, damage due to normal use, misuse or in the event of damage (e.g. due to an accident). 

Tarnishing of the jewellery is a normal process. The jewellery absorbs skin particles, perfume, costumes etc. and in addition the item also oxidises over time with the sulphur content in our air, which is a natural reaction and not due to a quality defect. Usual or unavoidable material-related deviations in the quality, colour, size, finish as well as designs of the jewellery are excluded from the guarantee. 

In the event of defects covered by the guarantee, it is at BERING Time's discretion whether a repair can be carried out or whether the piece of jewellery will be replaced by an identical one or by another piece of jewellery with similar characteristics. The BERING Service Centre and authorised BERING dealers may charge fees for postage and insurance, if applicable. To make a claim under the warranty, please contact your authorised BERING dealer or the BERING Service Centre.